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Do you suffer from the discomforts of sitting?

  •       Back, hip or neck pain
  •       Buttocks or Leg numbness
  •       Sciatica
  •       Poor posture or skeletal issues
  •       Heat and sweat build-up


  •       Therapeutic Comfort
  •       Promotes blood circulation
  •       Keeps you cool(allows airflow)
  •       Waterproof
  •       Massages you
  •       Lightweight


  • Transportation cushioning (Air/Land/Sea)
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • General Health & Wellness
  • Rehabilitation
  • Impact sports
  • Anti-Fatigue Mats


What is SP1KE?

Sp1ke is an incredibly versatile structural science for cushioning, that remarkably improves comfort, wellness and protection.  Sp1ke has evolved to surpass product performance expectations across a broad range of applications that is supported by worldwide patents.

Wherever we sit, stand or lay – at work rest or play, Sp1ke provides a collection of unique and unrivaled products.

Sp1ke dynamically reacts to adjust with your body’s movements to enhance comfort, while providing pressure relief, and protection from impact and vibration, in any environment – a science we call ergomorphology.

Surpassing the performance of conventional foam, gel and air cushions, Sp1ke is composed of hundreds of mini cushioning nubs and connected bendable rods.  The Sp1ke nubs actively move and flex in 3D space to respond to your unique comfort needs.


Whenever we sit, stand or lay – at work rest or play

Our Sp1ke cushion is the most comfortable, healthy seating solution for your derriere that actually makes perfect sense! 

Why sit on a cushion that will deform under your weight, build up heat making you sweat, limit your movement and cause discomfort by providing no support where your body really needs it? What do you think that compressed flat cushion does for your body’s circulation? Order yours now to find out

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Standing all day is hard on the body
Get a Sp1ke mat and save your back and feet!

Great for pressure relief while standing. Works great for standing support with shoes on or bare feet for a massaging feel. Designed with an anti-slip bottom to grip the floor. Made with our company’s unique, more durable, rubber-like EVA for industrial durability. Get yours now and thank yourself later!
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